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Product classification

Personal credit loans

Personal credit loans

Points thaw credit products outline
"credit requirements" all products are needed provides personal levy letter report and the lending bank card (Bank. CCB. ABC)
near 24 months cannot has 3; near 6 months cannot has 2; near 6 months single pen loan or loan remember card cumulative cannot has 3
"owners loan"
months integrated interest: 1.5%-1.8%, lines: 5.15 million "not value liabilities and the income"
application conditions: 1, and Zhongshan real estate
          &Nbsp;      3, payroll work over six months (not required), or one year license
application: 1, ID
                 2, certificate or business license
               , 3 certificate/contract of purchase contract/mortgage loans
      &Nbsp;          4, three months of mortgage payments flowing


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