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Fund policies need to think long-term

&Nbsp;     recently, the Congress meetings, in Dongguan city, Dongguan Housing Fund Management Center official, was considering lending to commercial banks, provident Centre discount form, solve the problem of Provident Fund loans funding gap. Dongguan
line of housing accumulation Fund loan exposure at the 2014 tense situation. From July, the Dongguan Center for housing management practice "limit lending", determined in accordance with deposit balances a number of indicators, such as the annual loan quota, redistribution to monthly, monthly credit runs out, loan applications suspended loan applicants to wait in line. 2014 loan amount to 17 billion yuan, due to implementation of any first half of the line control, issued 15.656 billion yuan by August, Provident Fund loan applications a large backlog in Dongguan.
Provident Fund lending source of tension is the Provident Fund "charge does not arrive", annual amount paid (received) less than annual extraction amount and sum of lending (support). In 2013, the Provident Fund deposit amount is 46.103 billion yuan in Dongguan, extracted amounted to 35.385 billion yuan, lending amounted to 31.457 billion yuan, more than the collection of 20.7 billion yuan. Results are deposits growing significantly slower than the loan balance, loan to deposit ratio continued to rise, by August 2014, Dongguan Provident Fund loan of 82.14%, more than the housing Provident Fund Management Committee of Dongguan city 80% line in set. Dongguan
Provident Fund loan to deposit ratio is not the highest. End of October 2014, Hangzhou Provident Fund loan to deposit ratio of 86.1%, higher than the utilization rate of the relevant ministries of the State's 85%. End of third quarter of 2014, Provident Fund loan to deposit ratio of 88% in Shanghai (loans include personal loans and affordable housing loans). Fared in Beijing end of 2013, Provident Fund loan to deposit ratio of 79.6%.
to the loan to deposit ratio control in the context of security, Dongguan Provident Fund has to implement "limit lending." It would bring great inconvenience to the Provident Fund loan applications, they cannot know exactly what lenders, could affect the signing of the purchase contract and implementation. Therefore, Dongguan is also considering other options, Provident Fund loans commercial loans are possible scenarios: Provident Fund deposit from a bank commercial loans from banks paying interest on business loans, provident Centre allow subsidies for the depositor. The depositor can actually enjoy preferential mortgage rates, and eases the tension of Provident Fund loans problem, seems like a good idea. Hangzhou Provident Fund loans lending business has been conducted in August 2013. Provident Fund for mortgage loans this practice, first appeared in 2002. When Beijing imposed on specified the project's mortgage discount policy, 2004 is no longer limited to specified projects. Early years, rapid growth in subsidized loans, by the end of 2008, cumulative discount 11,832 issuance policy, discount lines 3.679 billion yuan. But then this business almost to a standstill, until the end of 2013, the cumulative discount 11,800 issued policy, discount lines 3.691 billion yuan. This indicates that Provident Fund loans lending operations still has some potential limitations, and space is limited.


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