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Official good to promote "reform Bull" shares surged back to 4,400 points

Official release plus promote "reform Bull" shares surged back to 4,400 points
Beijing, May 20 (Chinese Dizi) "mad cow" then "slow ox", after a brief two-wave adjustment, the State Department released a series of big positive, "reform of cattle" added vitality. The "5.19" shares representation of a blowout, the Shanghai composite index to 3.13% gain, a nearly 4-month record its biggest one-day gain, return to the 4,400-point mark. In a "peak" pessimistic predictions, the "gem of God" washed up on a new historical high of 3340.42 points.
the State Council released blockbuster good
a-share "reform cow" stop
"reform" is one of the main theme of the bull, with the deepening of reform, the a-share market "reforms cow" stop.
the official released on May 19, the Chinese-made of 2025, the programme of action for the next 10 years of manufacturing in China and the road map, with the goal of 2025 near Germany, and Japan industrialized level of manufactured powerhouse, into the world's manufacturing powerhouse.
Li Beiguang, Deputy Director of China's Ministry of industry and information technology planning, said financial will invest 700 million Yuan annually to support materials, processes, parts and components, and basic industrial technology advancement. In addition, there are some matching funds.
on May 18, the national development and Reform Commission focused on disclosure 6 large infrastructure projects, including 4 rail projects and 2 urban rail transit projects, 6 project package expected to total amount of investment reached 243.577 billion yuan.
the same day, officials also released the 2015 focus on deepening economic reform, made 39 annual economic reform priorities, emphasis on deepening enterprise reform, implementation of the overall programme of fiscal reform, proposed to advance financial reform, including implementation of the stock issue registration reforms, to further improve the "Shanghai-Hong Kong-" pilot, initiate a "Shenzhen Tong" pilot.
16th, 2015 national economic system reform work Conference held in Beijing, the Conference played a decisive role in the market, enhance the micro-vitality and enhance macro-control of the pertinence and effectiveness of deployed six reform task.
institutional analysis, top launched a continuous series of punch, growth not only stopgap, but also pushed reform transition problems policymakers to reform intentions clear; with dividends of reform released, convinced that the future economy gradually recovers, supporting market confidence. As long as the Central Government continues to press ahead with reforms, the stock market make money effects is still in, the upward trend will continue.
side, shares long on enthusiasm yesterday bursting, the plates put on "Red Storm" intelligent machine plate rose almost 6%, Internet, engineering machinery plate all the way along the +, top gainers, stock is thriving, with more than more than 230 stock trading.
for future, famous economists Liu Ji Peng [micro-Bo] optimistic think, 4,000 points will is a more health of points bit, currently shares are in a by "mad cattle" to "slow cattle" of transition period, future with policy bonus of release and market system of constantly perfect, shares in continued of slow cattle in the will is expected to challenge 6,124 points of history high, and to Wan Dian launched impact.
However, guotai Junan securities, short-term conservative index target of 4,600 judgment.
gem risks should not be underestimated vulnerability needs to be improved

supervision system only 5 months of the year, gem today refers to rose 125.77%, far more than the 36.57% rise in the Shanghai composite index. During the gem has become cattle camps. IShares (382.000, 0.00, 0%), for example, the unit gains amazing this year up to 494.09%.
last week, the mainstream media, markets often outgoing SFC [Twitter] investigation "Fund overweight gem" rumor, only refers to the gem-3%. And as rumor intervention fund to buy the gem of the SFC, "alert" lifted, gem this week continued to "capricious" rose, due to frequently refresh the record, being dubbed the "God" title. "The gem bubble soon burst", "God would fall so hard", "treasure escape last chance" bearish predictions, such as being "the face".
but behind the multiple signals still cannot be ignored. Times market dream, fund speculation "Republicans" are becoming a target short gem.
as of May 19, according to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange [Twitter] data show, gem 121.6 times times earnings on average. Boards in Shanghai and Shenzhen were 21.13 times times average earnings over the same period, 35.39 times.
according to media statistics, 2015 a quarter of about 665 funds buy the GEM stocks, more than billions of market value. Because the market shares is generally small, public funds for "joint dealer" is emerging.
to iShares information for cases, as this year first quarter late, Qian ten circulation unit shareholders all is public raised Fund, meeting added rich, and long letter, and in the silver, and Teda macro Lee and GF five home fund company of of 10 only fund will Qian ten circulation unit shareholders seats occupy, total holds listed company 9.2535 million unit, Qian three bit circulation unit shareholders are for meeting added rich its fund.
it is understood that the current regulatory provisions on the position of the Fund is "double qualification", that is, a fund holds securities issued by a company whose value shall not exceed 10% of the Fund's net asset value; the same fund managers of all Fund holdings of securities issued by a company, shall not exceed the stock 10%.
If the "double qualification", total 8.47% total equity holding iShares information meeting of tianfu Fund does not step on the red line, but up to 24.07% per cent of shares.
it is clear that the rules need to be improved. When the bubble burst, high buying of Christian Democratic and investors are likely to be the end of the foot.
Gold company, securities regulatory Commission announced on Friday to investigate the violations and suggests that regulators are stepping up their efforts to combat market irregularities. Small market capitalisation stocks speculation is supported by the Internet industry prospects, but also money easing, authorities holding and retail power, regulatory system and other factors are closely related. Regulators step up efforts to investigate and punish for breaches, will apply to some inhibitory effect on market sentiment.



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