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Microcredit interest rate was determined to follow in the bottom line, not only to meet the needs of SME development, and protect customers ' development needs, realizing microfinance sustainable development. Microfinance should be market-oriented interest rates, the Government should raise goose control interest rates, put an end to exploitation of the poor is usury.
local government financial regulatory agencies in the development of micro-credit management approach, to let interest rates four times, market-oriented interest rate follows the General principles of the market economy, micro-credit is bound to adhere to the social and economic objectives of win-win principle. Ensure customers can increase income through microfinance, to improve their lives.
microcredit interest rates taking into account social objectives, social responsibility, but also need to be determined by the market, by the reaction of the market supply and demand, with the developments and changes in the market. As the microfinance innovation and development, balanced supply and demand in the market, reasonable interest rates gradually.
beginning of microfinance development, the funding gap greatly, interest rates will not affect the borrowing needs in a certain range, small amount credit development time to maturity, market relatively balanced, microfinance interest rates are more stable. In a competitive market, the loan interest rate is likely to fall, will also keep investors out of the market, micro-credit is also very attractive to investors is enormous.
microfinance industry need government intervention, because micro-credit company is in the early stages of development, investors, operators and the market are not very mature, market information is not perfect, it is prone to blindness, through proper guidance, adjustments are necessary, different specific regulatory strategy.


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