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Dongguan-Dongguan Shun microfinance Ltd is approved by the Finance Office, Guangdong Province, Dongguan city industrial and commercial Bureau set up a registration of a limited liability company, is the second batch of pilot small-sum loan company, Dongguan city. Company to Dongguan, within the scope of "San Nong" and serving SMEs, self-employed, urban residents, to provide short-term credit in a fast and convenient service. Derivative of a microfinance company, as financial institutions, efforts will be made to support the growth of "sannong" and small and medium enterprises, ease the farmers and small and medium enterprises financing situation, provide a good platform for them, and in support of Dongguan city played an active role in the sustained and healthy development of the private economy. Companies established in accordance with the modern enterprise system, the idea of risk management culture throughout the enterprise. The company brings together a group of highly qualified, experienced accounting, finance, law, assessment and other professionals. Dongguan enterprise credit loan, and Dongguan SMEs financing, Dongguan SMEs loan, Dongguan SMEs Bank loan, Dongguan small micro-enterprise loan, Dongguan small micro-credit, and Dongguan small loan company, and Dongguan enterprise loan, and Dongguan company credit, and Dongguan company loan, and Dongguan small micro-enterprise credit loan, and Dongguan small enterprise loan company adhering to can continued sex development of business approach, efforts will itself build became "business collection rules, and management science, and internal control effective, and operation specification, and benefits good, and service efficient" of small loan industry model, Contribute to the resources as Dongguan.

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